Boys will be Boys!

Just making a living

Just making a living

I had an aerial application business in Brooklet GA, "crop dusting" . We didn't use dust anymore just water/chemical mix. My customers had farms within the boundaries of Fort Stewart and thus restricted airspace.  I would call Hunter AAF in Savannah for operational clearance.  Working my PA-36 "Brave" (appropriate name for an Ag-plane) I enjoyed my  front row seat on several occasions watching the skies open up as a train of C5's rained a division of men and machines from 1500 ft AGL.

I had to drive Highway 80 into Savannah to wet my whistle as Bulloch County was dry.  I looked for the GI haircuts and the swagger of Aviators at the local watering holes.  It was fun watching the " you've lost that loving feeling" maneuvers albeit nothing quite as good as "Top Gun".

I met some A-10 drivers and asked them if they ever noticed the long wide mist and rolling chemical vortices being threaded through the soybean fields in and around Ft. Stewart.  They confirmed making contact and I told them if it was a white mono with a red stripe it was me.  

Not too many days later I was coming out of R-3005 at a cross country altitude of 500 feet AGL, when a flat grey "Warthog" passed me high and on the right maybe 150 yards out. He gave me one smart wing rock. Very cool! Then, one close left, one close right and one below .

A triple buzz...followed by the lead doing a climbing slow roll. 



Ed McCassell

Ed McCassell is a man's man.  Flying since youth, Ed has amassed thousands of hours soaring above the fray; landing only occasionally to refuel and mix with mortals to procreate an heir apparent.  

Having mastered the skills of daring, low-level crop spraying to thrilling tropopause treking, Ed has set the standard in conquering the great unknown.

With thousands of adoring fans, Ed somehow has always maintained an earthly humility further ingratiating himself to his admirers.